Wrangler Jeans vs. Levi’s Jeans

Wrangler Jeans Vs. Levi’s Jeans

When it comes to western style clothes, a good pair of jeans are a staple, and every cowboy seems to have their own preferences. So how do you choose between some of the most famous denim brands of all time, Wrangler and Levi’s? While some jeans preferences are based on the brand’s reputation, some decisions are made based on fit. You will need to decide what is most important to you.

Wrangler Jeans Vs. Levi’s Jeans
Wrangler 13MWZ Cowboy Cut Rigid Original Fit Jeans

Wrangler Jeans

We are going to focus specifically on the 13MWZ Cowboy Cut Rigid Original Fit Jeans design, one of our most popular items in men’s western wear.

  • If your western wear includes numerous pairs of cowboy boots, these jeans may be for you as they are specifically designed to wear with cowboy boots.
  • These jeans feature a traditional zipper fly.
  • This specific style has a roomier leg and rear, but there is also a slim version available (Wrangler 936). You will have to decide which fit you prefer.
  • The texture of Wrangler denim tends to be rougher and feels like a thicker thread than Levi’s.
  • Wrangler jeans tend to be more affordable with prices almost half as much as Levi’s.

Levi’s Jeans

A popular pair of Levi’s jeans at Sheplers, the Levi’s 501 Jeans–Original Shrink-to-Fit, are another good choice for men’s western wear wardrobe.

  • Levi’s 501 jeans have a lower rise (about an inch) than Wrangler.
  • This specific pair features a button fly rather than a zipper.
  • The coin pocket is positioned lower on the Levi’s 501 than the Wrangler 13MWZ.
  • If you are not a fan of the Shrink-to-Fit fit, the 501 style also comes in a straight leg fit.
  • Depending on the fit, the 501 collection also comes in a variety of colors including indigo, black, green, light blue, and gray.

Our Sheplers cowboys recommend finding the fit you prefer before buying multiple jeans of the same style.

At the end of the day, jeans are a personal preference. We suggest you try out both brands of denim and see which ones you like the best. Browse our large selection of denim in our men’s western wear collection and find the pair that is right for you.


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