Tips to Remember When Shopping for Jeans

As a long-standing wardrobe staple, blue jeans are basically and American pastime. As the 1950s saw screen stars like James Dean and John Wayne often decked out in denim, jeans became a quickly growing trend among frontiersmen, rodeo riders, motorcycle riders, young rebels, blue collar workers, and more. While the initial offerings of denim on the market were a few brands with a couple of styles, now it seems the options for buying jeans are endless. So how do you go about selecting a pair of jeans that meets your needs? We’ve got a blue jeans buying guide that will help you pick out the right jeans for your lifestyle and for your personal style.
Fit. This is a huge part of the process when shopping for jeans. Keep in mind that during regular wear, the fit will relax as the cotton stretches. It’s worth trying on a few brands to find the ones that fit you the best.
Thickness. Fabric weight is a big factor, especially if you’ll be doing intense labor (you’ll want a thicker thread/thicker weight), or if you are going to be in intense heat (you’ll want a lighter thread). Keep in mind that the lighter the fabric, the more likely it is to tear.
Wash. Some people prefer lighter denim, some prefer dark denim. Again, this depends on what you are going to be wearing them for. Also, if you find a brand and style you really love, you might want to grab one of each—a light and a dark wash.

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