How to Make Jeans Last Longer

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A good pair of blue jeans is a staple in everyone’s closet, and when you find a pair that is comfortable, fits well, and looks good, you never want to let them go. Unfortunately, from men’s wrangler jeans to a pair of Levi’s jeans for women, those denim pants will not last forever. Whether you are outside working in your jeans or you throw them on to do your daily errands, your jeans have an expiration date. Luckily, there are some things you can to do help make those jeans last.

Levi's 517 Jeans - Boot Cut Stretch

Levi’s 517 Jeans – Boot Cut Stretch

 Tips to Make Your Jeans Last Longer

At Sheplers Western Wear, we are sharing our secrets on how to make jeans last longer so that when you find that favorite pair that fits just right, you can wear them for a long time to come.

1.     Wash Them Sparingly

If you are washing your jeans after every wear, you are killing that pair of pants. With each wash the denim gets more worn out. Try to wash your jeans as few times as possible in order to make them last. Some experts recommend only washing them once a month, but other people will say ever longer than that.1 Of course, if you are out in the field and your jeans get all muddy, then yes, you should wash them, but avoid doing this on a regular basis. If you get just a small stain, consider hand washing just that area.

2.     Take Care When You Do Wash Them

Just like cleaning your Stetson cowboy hat or washing a load of delicates, jeans shouldn’t just be carelessly thrown in the washer. In order to make jeans last, they should be turned inside out and washed in cold water. Doing both of these will help keep the color from fading. You also only need to use a small amount of detergent, and do not use bleach or fabric softener.

3.     Let Them Air Dry

Do not put your jeans in the dryer. Doing so can damage the material and cause them to lose their shape. Let them air dry instead to avoid this rough heat and keep them lasting longer.

4.     Hang Your Jeans

Instead of throwing them on the floor next to your Cody James cowboy boots or folding them like a t-shirt and stacking them, hang your jeans by the loops instead. You avoid creating creases in places where there should not be a crease. Your jeans should also keep their shape better and for longer.

If you follow these four tips to make your jeans last longer, you should be able to show off your favorite denim pair for a long time to come. But, eventually your jeans will meet their end and when that happens, our western style clothing store can help you restock your closet.


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How to Wear Cowboy Boots in The Summer

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Wearing cowboy boots in the summer – yea or nay? While some people may be quick to jump in and say nay, at Sheplers Western Wear we wholeheartedly disagree. We know that cowboy boots can be worn all year round and still be fashionable. You just need to follow a few simple tips.

Flying Tomato Women's Denim Belted Sleeveless Dress

Flying Tomato Women’s Denim Belted Sleeveless Dress

Summer Outfit Ideas with Cowboy Boots

Whether you are dying to wear your new pair of boots or you just hate wearing flip flops, we have all the summer cowboy boots you need as well as a few outfit ideas to wear with them.

When it comes to summer boots, a shorter boot or bootie may be a good choice. They tend to feel lighter so your feet do not get so hot under the intense summer sun. We recommend the Dingo Women’s Floral Tooled Knotted Strap Booties to start. Because its tan color can match almost any outfit, this everyday boot can be paired with a sun dress, skirt, shorts, or a pair of jeans at night. Once you have an everyday pair, go for a statement pair next.

If you want to break out your standard cowboy boots in the summer, match them with a summer Miss Me dress. These dresses are perfect for a summer night out and a pair of cute cowgirl boots will make you stand out in the best way. Try a plain dress with a fun summer boot that really pops.

For a great casual outfit and a sure way to rock cowboy boots in the summer, throw on a pair of jean shorts and a sleeveless top to draw attention to your boots. Try a pair of boots with fringe, you can never go wrong with fringe. You can wear this for anything from a night out line dancing to a day of running errands. Don’t forget a statement necklace or pair of earrings to really complete the look. You can always swap out those shorts for jeans as well.

Overalls are back in style. If you are daring enough to try out this trend (we recommend it), then you need to finish this outfit with a good pair of summer cowboy boots. Wear short overalls and a cute top and throw on some booties to match. Overalls are denim after all, and nothing goes better with denim than a solid pair of cowboy boots.

For more summer outfit ideas with cowboy boots, shop our country style clothing store. We have everything from dresses to accessories as well as a large assortment of boots that could quickly fill up your closet.

What to Wear on Your Trip: Country Vacation Outfits

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Have you gone on your summer vacation yet? If not, it is probably coming up soon. Besides figuring out activities to do, sights to see, and the best food to eat in the area, you need to think about what you are going to pack. If you are headed off to Nashville or down to Texas, then you need some country vacation outfits.

STS Ranchwear Foreman Garment Bag

STS Ranchwear Foreman Garment Bag

Cute Country Vacation Outfits for Your Trip

At Sheplers Western Wear, we have compiled some country vacation outfit ideas to help you fit in on your western or country adventure.

First things first. If we are talking about western vacation outfits, you need a pair of cowgirl boots. The last thing you want is to be the only one not rocking a pair. We recommend packing a traditional pair like the Ariat Women’s Heritage Western Boots as you can wear them with almost any outfit, and it eliminates the need to bring a suitcase of only shoes.

You should also bring at least one dress, romper, or pantsuit, especially if this is for your summer vacation. Bring some dresses to walk around during the day and for going out. Shyanne dresses are cute and great for the summer. With the right accessories and your boots in tow, you are sure to get a lot of Instagram likes.

It is important to pack a good pair of jean shorts and jeans if it gets colder at night where you are going. You can build many cute country vacation outfits just by starting with jean shorts and boots. Tops from Johnny Was come in a variety of styles and designs, they have just enough western flair. Pack a few different kinds and match them with your jean shorts to save space.

Do not forget about your western accessories. If you have space, now is the time to pull out those statement pieces to complete your western vacation outfits. You will be amazed to see how just one piece of jewelry can make your whole outfit. It can also help you stand out from a sea of other country outfits.

Closet looking a little bare when it comes to your western wear? Don’t worry; if you are in need of some country vacation outfit ideas, we have everything you need to get started. Shop our wide selection of boots, accessories, and western wear to fill up your suitcase. We also have everything you need to deck out your boyfriend and get him ready for the trip.

Rodeo Lineup 2019: Biggest Rodeos This Summer & Rodeo Outfit Ideas

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For many, summertime means rodeo time. Whether you are seeking out the biggest rodeos in the US this year or you just happen to be in the neighborhood and looking for a good time, check out these upcoming rodeos and get your rodeo tickets. Also, do not worry; we are also answering the inevitable question: “What do I wear?”

Western Moments "Cowboy High" Statue

Western Moments “Cowboy High” Statue

Biggest Rodeos in The US You Can’t Miss

If you are looking for a genuine country experience, then these rodeos are a must see. At Sheplers Western Wear, we have a few recommendations.

Prescott Frontier Days

When: July 1 – 7

Where: Prescott, Arizona

About: Also known as the World’s Oldest Rodeo, Prescott Frontier Days first started in 1888. The event lasts for eight days, so there is plenty of rodeo to see when it fits your schedule. You will witness numerous events with each performance including bull riding, steer wrestling, bareback, and barrel racing.

What to Wear: Because it claims to be the oldest rodeo in the world, we suggest a more traditional country getup. Think jeans or jean shorts, traditional cowgirl boots, and a cute top for her. Think jeans, a button-down, and of course a cowboy hat. Temperature can also drop a bit at night in this area, so if you tend to get cold easily, bring a jacket or wear sleeves that can be unrolled as the night goes on.


Pendleton Round-Up

When: September 7 – 14

Where: Pendleton, Oregon

About: The Pendleton Round-Up transforms the town into rodeo central. Not only will there be the rodeo itself, but the round-up includes a parade, live music, nightly shows, and a carnival.  It is a week’s worth of fun for the whole family.

What to Wear: While thinking about rodeo outfits, you need to take in to account the weather. Because Oregon is farther north, you will want to dress a little warmer, especially if you are not used to it. We suggest a long-sleeve western shirt for him and a fringe jacket for her so you are both stylish and warm.


Cody Stampede Rodeo

When: All Summer Long

Where: Cody, Wyoming

About: If you are looking for one of the biggest rodeos in the US, then this is the place to go. Known as the Rodeo Capital of the World, Cody is home to nightly rodeo events and attract tourists from around the country. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Cody Stampede.

What to Wear: Since this town attracts so many visitors, why not try to stand out? Now might be a good time to break out your attention-grabbing Corral cowgirl boots to add to your cute rodeo outfit. Men can break from tradition with a stylish country graphic t-shirt and a jacket.


Before you head off to the biggest rodeos in the US, you need to have something fitting to wear. As a country clothing store, we have everything you could possibly need. So, browse to your heart’s content and then head out and enjoy.